Welcome to the Indiana Wesleyan University Graduate Counseling Clinic.  I am the Director of our clinic so I get the privilege of being the first to post on our blog and welcome you on your journey to wellness.  Your journey to wellness…to some of you this statement might sound silly or embarrassing, but the reality is that life has its ups and downs and every person’s story is unique and carries with it intense emotions and strong beliefs about self.  It can be scary to try and process life on your own.  That is why we are here.  Having a trusted support to work through your unique story is important if each of us is to thrive.  We don’t want you to go at it alone.  So with that said let me introduce you to us so that you can feel comfortable with entrusting your story to us in a collaborative effort towards wellness.

Lets start with our name.  We are connected with Indiana Wesleyan University and as such have specific Christian values associated with the Wesleyan Church.  However, we adhere to the American Counseling Association (ACA) code of ethics, which emphasizes the importance of respecting a person’s cultural and spiritual values rather than trying to impose our own values.  Therefore, you can expect your counselor to approach you with an attitude of respect and curiosity about your culture and your spiritual beliefs because that is what matters in the context of your counseling at our clinic.  Also, you’ll notice the Graduate Counseling Clinic portion of our name.  What this means is that our counselors are students in training to receive a masters degree in areas of counseling specialties such as Clinical Mental Health, Marriage and Family, Clinical Addictions, and School.  What is great about our clinic is that you get students who have unique educational training as well as life experiences.  While these students are not yet graduates or licensed professionals; they are being supervised by those who have years of experience in the counseling field and are licensed.  You can see our supervisors and their experience on the website.  Another component of being seen by students is that our clinic has video cameras in each room and recording is necessary for the student’s training.  The purpose of these cameras is purely educational and students use their videos for supervision purposes only.  At the end of the semester these recordings are deleted.  We take your privacy very seriously and encourage you to talk with your counselor if there are concerns.  Also, because you are being seen by students we have a very different pay scale than most counseling clinics.  Fees are based on household income and vary from FREE to $20 per session.  The first session is always free and it is during this session where the fee is agreed upon.  Our clinic was not created for the purpose of making money and as such we will not turn someone away just because they can’t make a payment.  We do encourage open communication with your counselor if circumstances change and you can no longer make payments originally proposed.  Fees can be handled with cash, check, or credit card.  No insurance is accepted, but receipts will be given for your payments.

My hope is that this allows you to have a little more context with which to make your decision about going to counseling.  You can expect that when you call in to set up your counseling appointment you will be met with respect and kindness.  Once you do your initial call to our clinic we will get some basic information to guide us in assigning a counselor to you.  You can expect a response from us within a week.  One thing to note is that as we are an academic training clinic we do operate on an academic calendar that does encompass the entire year rather than just Fall and Spring, so there are times of the year where our clinic closes, primarily at the end of semesters.  Students do come and go, which means that there is potential for you to have to change counselors.  Therefore, we do understand any hesitancy you may have related to determining if our clinic is the best fit.  Transitioning to a different counselor can be difficult and you can expect that we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition if that is deemed necessary.  Our clinic is open Monday through Thursday 9am- 9pm and Friday 9am- 5pm.